What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic payment system known as a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC) was first though of by Satoshi Nakamoto in a white paper first published in 2008 and development on Bitcoin first started in 2009. Bitcoins transactions are distributed over a public ledger called to blockchain. All transactions on the blockchain must be verified through a series of confirmation across multiple computers to certify that the transaction is legitimate.

How are Bitcoins Created?

Bitcoins are created when a block of blockchain transactions has been verified. High speed computers work to certify that the scrambled transaction data when has been encrypted. Each time a bitcoin transaction takes place some of the data is encrypted and sent to the receiver. In order for a transaction to be valid this layer of encryption must be confirmed through a series of network confirmations. Each transaction contains some data from the previous transactions which were also sent over the same bitcoin blockchain so it is impossible to create fraudulent transactions. A group of multiple transactions is is sent to the blockchain in a "block" and must be certified to validate the bitcoin transactions. When a block is verified a reward of bitcoins is sent to the computer that verified the block as a reward.

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoins are created by miners who mine them with high speed computers that work to solve encrypted transactions over the blockchain.

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Bitcoin Slot Machines

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How do I Buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoins at any of the major Bitcoin exchanges or on resale sites like Coinbase.com. If you want to play slots with Bitcoin you will first need to get a wallet and purchase BTC before making a deposit with an online casino.

Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal?

Since Bitcoin is relatively new and BTC is not considered a currency or money it is not illegal to gamble with BTC in most places throughout the world. Players should always check their local gambling laws before playing slot machine games with Bitcoins.